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Raising water before raising fish (Part 1)

Raising water before raising fish!

The first step for raising fish is raising the water well, but to make it difficult is even easier.

Koi is art, Water is science

Mr. Peter Waddington (Europe) the pioneer of Koi farming. 

Fish are aquatic animals, live in water all the time. Water is like breathing air, living place. Food source of fish, as well as within the fish is almost a liquid, it makes up of the water. Inside-outside of the fish always related and exchanged.
Fish in the water was compared like a thin tissue bag, immersed in water and containing of water inside. Control in-out flow of fluid through the largely tissue, handled by the liver, kidneys and gum. The quality of water in the fish depends on the condition of the outside water or ponds. It is the first priority that interest in start of fish farming. 
Water, in scientific terms, is a pure liquid with a freezing point of 0 ºC. It has the chemical formula “H2O”, a polar covalent compound, but we would not go into more detail, just want to introduce about water. For the fish, “Water” is not “Just Water”. But the water that has a mixture of many different substances and mixed up together. Both visible and cannot be seen with the naked eyes.
Purified water, containing only H2O, is suitable use for the laboratory or in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics only type. It is also expensive. Cannot be bought anywhere and there is nothing living in the water like that.
Pure water cannot be raised to fish, as people cannot live in pure oxygen. Fish farmed water is mixture of various substances. Dozens of ingredients formulated that define difference properties of water.
The term "water farming" means the creation or control of the ingredients in the water. The most beneficial proportion of fish farming is the management of the environment, suitable for human habitation.

The main of water farming is how to make the high-quality water like a fish need. It includes 2 mains
•To reduce waste in water 
• Improving water quality
1. Reduce waste in water: When discussing about waste disposal in water, the filtration system is the first thing that is designed to handle this. But in addition, there are two ways to dispose of waste in fish ponds.
Water transfer in small aquarium or pond, transfer large water volume is convenient and costly. The waste disposal of water (old) with a lot of waste, and then replacing it with new water without waste, will result in an immediate improvement in the average.

Example: assuming that 50% of the existing amount of waste is disposed of simultaneously. When adding new water there is no waste at all. In this case, the amount of waste left is 50% in total water content, 100% comparable to the double quality of the water immediately.
It is necessary to be chlorine-free and have temperature, pH and other. So on, not much different from the original water, or to use the new water replenishment technique slowly to allow the fish to have time to adjust according to the new water is new features. This is safe, no problem with water transfusions.
Water transfer and the better the filtration material is. In addition to disposing of water-soluble waste, dispose of the accumulated waste in the filtered material with more than 50% of the waste that has been disposed of, the result is more than 2 times more than the result.
2. Wastewater Overflow: When a large pond is not convenient for taking large quantities of water at once, overflowing through overflowing water pipes or Surface skimmer is another option.
In addition to removing dirt on the surface of the water, the water is also removed. Dissolved Waste Group Waste occurs in the pond 24 hours a day. Be it ammonia, pheromones and other waste. But continued throughout the day. This is another way to reduce waste in water that should be use.
The use of waste removal system at a time, but continuously throughout the day, reduces water waste in another way to choose the appropriate amount of water overflow depending on the waste over time.
• 10% water overflow per day, resulting in a total water content of 110 and 10 parts of the water remaining. 90.9 parts of waste in 100 parts of water or 9.1% of waste.
• The addition of water to overflow 20% per day resulted in a total water content of 120 and 20 parts of the waste from the remaining 120 or 120 water remains. 83.3 parts of waste in 100 parts of water or 16.7% drained.
• The addition of water to overflow 50% per day resulted in a total of 150 parts of water and 50 parts of the waste, overflowed out of 150 parts of the waste, or left with 66.7 parts of water in 100 parts of water, or Drained 33.3% etc.
This large amount of waste is commonly used among Japanese carp breeders, and the water used by breeders is suitable for mountain water. The better the fish that are raised, the better the outcome.
It is said that "bile is fish food", overflowing or replenishing water is a cost of farming that results in better skin, color and disease immunity. Filters such as fish pheromones, tannins from leaves, fats from fish food, and more.
Improving water quality in addition to removing waste from water. Developing or improving the features of water is another interesting story, not least that water from each source has some different properties.
To raise Fish in each fish pond, the location of the pond, food, filtration system, fish farming method, and the type of filter material are all elements that make a difference. Learn the properties of small elements in the water, both directly and indirectly, as a matter of making it easy to feed fish. But sometimes when it comes to problems, it is not easy to find a cause. Understanding the properties of small elements in the water is essential to solve the problem.
Fish farming problems in general the babysitters are not serious about controlling the factors that will be discussed too much. In addition, the pond does not create conditions or create problems that need to be done.
Manage according to this theory all but in the beginning of fish farming or sometimes. Some elements are not in the right place and can create some problems, so tweaking the beginning is important and controls them.
The system does not create long-term problems. It is not too poor if there is an understanding of it. In all of this, the babysitter may have caught some point in some or some matters, but it is not necessary to follow all theories. Just select the relevant section and be interested. Gradually take to trial and observe the changes that occur, depending on the comfort to choose.
The important thing to learn and experiment with is that everything must be slow and cognition and doing so without proper knowledge can easily lead to damage. Bile allows the fish to show its potential. Fully growing appetite. It is difficult to keep the water in place, so it is difficult to keep it simple.

Cultivating water is difficult to keep simple.
“Bile allows the fish to show its potential”. Fully growing appetite. It is difficult to keep the water in place, so it is difficult to keep it simple. Secondary priority for the discussion of water farming, we should start studying a lot of things that are in the sewage. It is found in the forms of gases, liquids and solids, which are soluble and insoluble in the water. Algae, insects and larvae, bacteria, protozoa, different types of parasites are of no less importance. It is difficult to pick one of them first, but we will have to start with one of the substances anyway. This time, we chose one of the most important substances for life.