Black Diamond Freshwater Stingray Fish Guarantee and Exchange Policy

1. Guarantee Period

We guarantee our ornamental fish for 48 hours from the time you receive them.

2. Guarantee Conditions

Our guarantee covers:

  • Fish that die during transit or within 48 hours of receipt
  • Fish showing clear signs of illness within 48 hours of receipt

3. Guarantee Exclusions

The guarantee does not cover:

  • Damage due to improper handling or unsuitable environmental conditions
  • Fish that die or fall ill after 48 hours from receipt
  • Minor variations in color or shape from the displayed images

4. Claim Process

If your fish dies or falls ill within the guarantee period:

  1. Contact us immediately via email or phone
  2. Send photos or video of the fish to confirm its condition
  3. Preserve the fish until you receive instructions from us (may need to be returned for inspection)

5. Replacement or Refund

Once a claim is verified, we will:

  • Offer to replace the fish with a new one (subject to availability)
  • Or provide a full refund for the fish (excluding shipping costs)

6. Shipping for Replacements

We will cover shipping costs for replacement fish if the claim is within the guarantee terms.

7. Fish Acclimation

We recommend that you:

  • Check the condition of the fish immediately upon receipt
  • Release the fish into the tank following proper water acclimation procedures
  • Closely monitor the fish's behavior for the first 48 hours

8. Additional Recommendations

For the health of your fish:

  • Check your aquarium's water quality before introducing new fish
  • Prepare a quarantine area if necessary
  • Thoroughly research the care requirements for the specific fish species you've purchased

9. Contact Us

If you have any questions about this policy or need assistance, please contact us at 24 hours a day.

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